Plastic Free Journey

Check out these 14 short videos from global activists, educators, academics, and environmental leaders discussing plastic waste and pollution from various perspectives. Deep insights onto the nature of the global plastic pandemic from India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, the Philippines, Japan, Sweden, and the US. It’s time to turn off the tap of plastic generation!

Videos include:

Von Hernandez, Global Director Break Free From Plastic (Philippines);

Akira Sakano, Zero Waste Japan (Japan);

Khenpo Gyurme Tsutrim, monastic head (Nepal);

Savera Weerasinghe , UNDP Plastics Global Taskforce, Waste Action Lanka (Sri Lanka);

Alison Teal, ‘Female Indian Jones’ and plastic-free clean-seas advocate (USA);

Gian Pietro ‘Peter’ Verza, director of Pyramid Glacial Research lab Sagarmatha Nat. Park Nepal (Italy/Nepal);

Pal Martensson, Let’s Cleanup World, (Sweden);

Taylor Cass Talbott , WIEGO (USA);

Shibu Nair, India Coordinator at GAIA (Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives) (India);

Katharine Owens, Nat Geo Explorer, waste artist, and community learning and engagement specialist (USA);

Alex Jensen, Local Futures (USA/India); Milan Rai, artist, social activist and placemaker (Nepal)

Captain Charles Moore, Algalita Marine Research and Education , discoverer of the North Pacific Gyre 97′ and director Algalita (USA)

Created by Katie Conlon, who has been working with communities across the Himalayas to reduce plastics. She originally thought to make these video shorts as a way to connect the global with the local narratives on plastics, to have a discussion about different scales, regions and modes of action, and how the efforts of people in their local Himalayan town/region is connected to this broader global plastics dialogue and global actions.

All videos on YouTube here

Updates about her Himalayas to Sea, Plastic Free project can also be found on Instagram.

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