Inspiring work from students in Tolland

As we know, plastic pollution is a growing environmental problem that affects wildlife around the world. I was invited to visit the classroom of Kate Case, a science and oceanography teacher at Tolland High School, last year. Working with her students, Kate wanted to raise awareness of this issue and inspire her students to create art that would highlight the impact of plastic pollution on sea animals. Please look at the amazing work they created!

Even though she is a science teacher, Kate has been leading her students in creating art using waste for several years. The result is a stunning collection of art that highlights the beauty of these creatures, while also raising awareness of the dangers of plastic pollution. I love the color, the innovative use of materials and the ‘personality’ of the creatures (and maybe the artist?) that shines through.

Each portrait is created using a variety of waste materials, from bottle caps to straws to plastic bags as well as paper and cardboard. The students sort through the waste, selecting pieces that match the color and texture of the animal they are creating. They then arrange the pieces to create a detailed and realistic portrait that captures the essence of each sea animal.

This project serves as a reminder of the power of art to inspire change and raise awareness of important issues. I also love that it leans into creativity and the arts even though it’s a science class project. I feel so strongly that we separate art and science when they are so closely intertwined and mutually reinforcing. By using discarded plastic to create beautiful portraits of sea animals, Kate and her students are helping to bring attention to the dangers of plastic pollution and the need for action to protect our oceans and the wildlife that inhabits them.

 Kate’s students from Tolland High School have created a truly inspiring art/science project. Their portraits of sea animals made from discarded plastic are not only beautiful, but also serve as a powerful reminder of the impact of plastic pollution on our environment. They will continue to spread the word about the issue of plastic pollution by visiting a local elementary school and working with the kindergarteners there to create pieces. Such cool work and it is so neat to see all of this creativity!

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