Getting busy!

Things have really been hopping over the last few weeks as I’ve done a slew of workshops and presentations!

I was asked to make an online presentation for students a three schools in Wilton in connection with this year’s Wilton Reads selection Vigil Harbor by Julia Glass (I’m adding this one to my to be read list immediately!)

The book, is described as “a contemporary novel, set 10 years in the future in a small coastal community in Massachusetts, where residents are struggling with changes and difficulties including climate instability, political violence, and domestic upheavals.” It will be a perfect complement to the books I’ve just finished, Octavia E. Butler’s Parable of the Talents and Parable of the Sower. If you have never read Octavia E. Butler’s work, do yourself a favor and read some ASAP.

I was able to visit Wilton High School by zoom at the beginning of April, and will visit the Cider Mill Elementary School by zoom next week. All the presentations are recorded and will be shared out with the students of Wilton Middle School (the older middle schoolers will see the HS presentation, the younger middle schoolers will see the elementary school presentation). I was really thrilled to be asked, as this partnership allows me to share the project with about 2800 Wilton public school students.

In addition, last week’s visit to bring the whale sewing project to Wesleyan University was SO MUCH FUN. I didn’t realize it was an accepted students day, so there was a lot of traffic including students and parents. It was hot (in the upper 80s, low 90s) but people braved the heat and joined us in sewing both the bowhead whale and the humpback whale. I’ll share photos when I have them.

Also in early April, I visited Our House in Meriden to connect with their amazing after school program. I love this group of kids– always so inquisitive and full of energy.

I also had the distinct pleasure of visiting the Plumb Memorial Library in Shelton to tour their gorgeous facilities and collaborate with Miss Maura for some children’s programming. You should follow Miss Maura on Facebook— she is doing some incredible work!

In the coming week, in addition to visiting Cider Mill School, I’ll be bringing a whale back to UHart for an Earth Day Sewing event on April 20th (fingers crossed the weather will cooperate).

Then, I will– for the second time– have the distinct honor of making a transatlantic voyage with Virgin Voyages’ Valiant Lady to lead a series of sewing workshops with their passengers.

Why is an environmentalist going on a cruise? Great question! Virgin Voyages uses no single-use plastics on their ships. When they reached out to me for this collaboration, I did a little research to learn more about how they address sustainability and to review their Sustainability Accounting Standards Board report (see below).

I was expecting greenwashing, but was excited to see that they address sustainability in a comprehensive and thorough way. This is really important because of what a game changer this is for the cruising industry.

Did you know that before covid hit, upwards of 25 million people went on cruises EVERY YEAR (data). Industry insiders are expecting this to bounce back by 2024. Cruising is a huge industry, and it is better for the oceans if it is done in an environmental way. I’m happy to partner with Virgin Voyages for this work. I’ll share photos and stories along the way!

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