Hartford Courant Article!

I was really excited to be interviewed by Pam McLoughlin for an article in the Hartford Courant about the whale being hung in the library on campus. You can read the full article here. You can also visit the whale at the University of Hartford Campus in the Mortensen Library. Library hours until December 13thContinue reading “Hartford Courant Article!”

Talking and Sewing with MILE

What a treat to be invited to speak with the folks at MILE (Middlesex Institute for Lifelong Education) this month on October 6th. They were a well-informed and attentive bunch who were game to hear a lecture about plastic pollution and then hang around to sew after! We’re currently working on the Pygmy Right Whale,Continue reading “Talking and Sewing with MILE”

take a survey about the Entangled and ingested Project

Have you experienced the Entangled and Ingested Project, whether through a public talk, a sewing workshop, an art exhibit, or another event? We’d like to know your thoughts about the project’s impact and a little about you and how you think about the larger problem of plastic pollution. If you have experienced the Entangled andContinue reading “take a survey about the Entangled and ingested Project”

I guess it’s good to hear you are right?

I was both sad and excited to see this recent piece in the Resource Newsletter about the Alliance to End Plastic Waste. It details a report from the think tank Planet Tracker called Barely Credible that evaluates the abysmal track record to date of the Alliance to End Plastic Waste. As a reminder– the AllianceContinue reading “I guess it’s good to hear you are right?”

Interview by the amazing Fiona Long

Fiona Long is a good friend of the family and one of my most dependable contributors to the sewing project. She came to Main Street to sew on my various whale projects frequently. She’s a wonderful human being who is one of the most thoughtful kids I know. She’s taking music lessons with Karen HoggContinue reading “Interview by the amazing Fiona Long”

Hanging the whale at the University of Hartford

What a day. On October 3 2022 the amazing team from Level Fine Art Services brought their many talents to the University of Hartford to hang the 60 foot sperm whale. This whale project began in December of 2021, when I began my attempt to create the largest piece in the Entangled and Ingested series.Continue reading “Hanging the whale at the University of Hartford”

Plastic Free Journey

Check out these 14 short videos from global activists, educators, academics, and environmental leaders discussing plastic waste and pollution from various perspectives. Deep insights onto the nature of the global plastic pandemic from India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, the Philippines, Japan, Sweden, and the US. It’s time to turn off the tap of plastic generation! VideosContinue reading “Plastic Free Journey”