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Really excited to dust off ye olde ETSY shoppe to bring Entangled and Ingested sewing kits to the world. You can see the link here.

Bring the Entangled and Ingested project into your home or classroom with these fairy penguin sewing kits.

The kit includes:
** an 8 x 10 inch piece of 7-ounce weight cotton artist’s canvas imprinted with an image of the adorable fairy penguin
** enough thread to complete the project
** a sturdy, large-eyed needle
** action card detailing how you can help solve the problem of plastic pollution

You supply:
** film plastic
** creativity

Here’s my example of a finished piece. You will create something like this when you sew film plastic onto the canvas.

Best of all, the kit does NOT use plastic packaging. From the glassine envelope (fully recyclable) holding the kit, to the re-useable needle, cotton thread, the all-paper recyclable mailer it comes in, and the recycled paper content action card– care has been taken to make this a guilt-free, plastic-free gift for the environmentalist in your life.

Perfect for summer camps, after-school programs, babysitter activity bags, car trips, environmental clubs, scout troops, craft clubs, wine+craft nights, stitch and bitch events.

Fantastic for crafters and hobbyists looking for something new as well as for artists who can learn the methods with this project, then embark on their own design.

Costs INCLUDE shipping first class in sustainable packaging to your US address. No more guilt associated with those plastic mailers!

If you are interested in bulk pricing for orders of more than 20, 50, or 100, please message me through the ETSY link.

Sales are final unless of course in case of incomplete or damaged order, which can be replaced.

Instructional sewing videos available on my Youtube:

The fairy penguin is one of hundreds of species harmed by entanglement and ingestion from plastic pollution.

Here’s a gallery of portraits made by members of the public– our first is a portrait made by Erin from West Hartford!

The fairy penguin (Eudyptula minor) or little penguin is native to New Zealand and has entanglement records in the scientific literature dating back to 1992 and ingestion records dating back to 1994 (Laist 1997).

Kat Owens is conducting a multi-year art project to create life sized portraits of the animals most at risk by hand-sewing film plastic waste that is difficult to recycle onto canvas.
The largest pieces (think whales) are created with the public. Hundreds of community members have sewed along on her projects to date. Follow the project here!

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