Entangled and Ingested kits

Really excited to dust off ye olde ETSY shoppe to bring Entangled and Ingested sewing kits to the world. You can see the link here. Bring the Entangled and Ingested project into your home or classroom with these fairy penguin sewing kits. The kit includes:** an 8 x 10 inch piece of 7-ounce weight cottonContinue reading “Entangled and Ingested kits”

COVID project: Art and Science on Marine Debris

A friend asked me to share an assignment for young children to access freely during COVID that pulls together some of the elements of my teaching, research, and arts practice. Here goes! Are you a teacher looking for an activity for students working from home during the COVID-19 global pandemic? This activity can be completedContinue reading “COVID project: Art and Science on Marine Debris”