take a survey about the Entangled and ingested Project

Have you experienced the Entangled and Ingested Project, whether through a public talk, a sewing workshop, an art exhibit, or another event? We’d like to know your thoughts about the project’s impact and a little about you and how you think about the larger problem of plastic pollution. If you have experienced the Entangled andContinue reading “take a survey about the Entangled and ingested Project”

Weekend of April 29th: Progress and a setback

I’m happy to report that we finished the 60 foot long sperm whale this past weekend– here you can see a photo with three teenagers standing on it(!) I hope to get an aerial photo with Dan’s drone soon, but we’ve had a setback as I tested positive for Covid on Tuesday of this week.Continue reading “Weekend of April 29th: Progress and a setback”

Weekend of March 12th and week of March 14th

Hello sewing friends– this weekend will be a bit of a departure from my regular schedule, as next week is my spring break. YAY! Never have I so looked forward to a spring break in my life. This Saturday, March 12th, I will be sewing from 8AM-12PM at 428 Main Street. I am not planningContinue reading “Weekend of March 12th and week of March 14th”

Sewing this weekend: March 5-6

Very excited to be heading to the whale this weekend on Saturday and Sunday from 12-4 each day to sew the whale. Drop in to sew along, or just to see some of the pieces up close. Thanks to Maria Johnson for taking this panoramic shot of me working this past weekend. Are you unavailableContinue reading “Sewing this weekend: March 5-6”

Whale Time!

I’ll be sewing the 60-foot long sperm whale this weekend at 428 Main Street in Middletown Saturday and Sunday February 26 and 27 from 12PM-4PM. If you’ve seen the whale at any point, you will be amazed at how quickly it is progressing! Parking is widely available in Middletown, either in meters along Main StreetContinue reading “Whale Time!”