Upcoming CT Science Center events

I’m super excited to be visiting the Connecticut Science Center to be a part of a couple of upcoming programs and to share the Entangled and Ingested project! First, I will join their STEM career showcase this Friday March 31st from 9AM -12PM. According to their website, “The STEM Career Showcase is a conference-style eventContinue reading “Upcoming CT Science Center events”

Sewing a whale at WESU

Super excited to be hosting a sewing event at Wesleyan University on Friday April 14th. Crossing all my appendages that it will be a beautiful sunny spring day! Here’s the official blurb from their site. Sea Creature Sewing: Entangled and IngestedFriday, April 14, 2023 at 11:00amHuss Courtyard—outside of Usdan University Center (Rain location: Fayerweather Studio)Continue reading “Sewing a whale at WESU”

Catching up: Entangled and Ingested in the Fall

I broke my ankle right before Thanksgiving, which really stifled my ability to lead any workshops since that time. I’m easing back into some, and have several events and activities planned already for the next four months. In many ways I’m playing catchup, sharing the fun events that took place during the fall season asContinue reading “Catching up: Entangled and Ingested in the Fall”

Talking and Sewing with MILE

What a treat to be invited to speak with the folks at MILE (Middlesex Institute for Lifelong Education) this month on October 6th. They were a well-informed and attentive bunch who were game to hear a lecture about plastic pollution and then hang around to sew after! We’re currently working on the Pygmy Right Whale,Continue reading “Talking and Sewing with MILE”

take a survey about the Entangled and ingested Project

Have you experienced the Entangled and Ingested Project, whether through a public talk, a sewing workshop, an art exhibit, or another event? We’d like to know your thoughts about the project’s impact and a little about you and how you think about the larger problem of plastic pollution. If you have experienced the Entangled andContinue reading “take a survey about the Entangled and ingested Project”