Healthy Living Healthy Planet Radio Interview

I was so excited to be asked to join an interview on the I Heart Radio show Healthy Living Healthy Planet. Bernice Butler and her team do a great job of highlighting how the degradation of the planet impacts our bodies and our health (and they also edit the interviews to make me sound smarterContinue reading “Healthy Living Healthy Planet Radio Interview”

Himalayas to Sea, Plastic Free

So excited to share this project from fellow National Geographic Explorer Katie Conlon, who has been working on the Himalayas to Sea, Plastic Free. She has been working with communities across the Himalayas to reduce plastics, originally making these videos with plastics experts as a way to connect global and local narratives, to have aContinue reading “Himalayas to Sea, Plastic Free”

Tomorrow! Sewing at Holy Trinity

Thanks to The Church of Holy Trinity Church in Middletown, CT and Ekklesia Contemporary Ballet Company, I’ll be holding a sewing event tomorrow, June 28th from 10AM-2PM on Main Street– we will be sewing on the 20 foot long Great White Shark on the lawn at 381 Main Street– it will be a low-key opportunityContinue reading “Tomorrow! Sewing at Holy Trinity”

One week in and what we have learned

We are feeling fortunate that for now our jobs are possible when working from home. Though that won’t last forever, in the short term, it helps.   Most of the time we are waiting for the other shoe to drop. Waiting for the results that experts and scientists have been promising for weeks and whichContinue reading “One week in and what we have learned”

PAYCE: Palestinian American Youth Civic Engagement

Really thrilled that a youtube video on our PAYCE project has just dropped. I just re-listened to all forty of the podcasts that students produced as a part of this project and was truly in awe of their hard work and effort. You can access all of the student podcasts here. I recently created curriculumContinue reading “PAYCE: Palestinian American Youth Civic Engagement”

National Geographic Explorer

So excited to learn that I’ve been awarded a National Geographic Explorer Grant under their Reducing Ocean Plastic Pollution program!  The project Experiential Learning with Indian Educators: Collecting Local Data to Share with Politicians and Scientists is a collaboration with faculty member Dr. Jaya D.S. at the University of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram, India. I’m collaborating withContinue reading “National Geographic Explorer”

PAYCE podcasts and story on UHart Web

Check out this story on the Uhart website about the PAYCE program, focusing on Genesis who went to train in Jordan this summer to learn podcasting skills. The podcast series that is a result of the project was created by young adults about making a difference in the United States, Palestine, and Jordan. Hear short,Continue reading “PAYCE podcasts and story on UHart Web”