Entangled and Ingested

Entangled and Ingested is a series of portraits of 46 species harmed by marine debris, created from hand sewing film plastic that is difficult or impossible to recycle by the artist and researcher Katharine Owens.

All small portraits are created by Kat, the larger pieces– the Minke whale (20 feet long), the Sperm whale (60 feet long), the Bowhead whale (55 feet long), the Great White Shark (20 feet long) are being created collaboratively with the public.

Did you know that manufacturers can print the ‘chasing arrows’ symbol of their products knowing that most of them cannot and will never be recycled?

In many ways the ‘chasing arrows’ symbols are a marketing ploy that diverts responsibility to the consumer and away from the producer.

What we know is the 95% of plastic packaging is not recycled and that 90.5% of all plastic ever made has never been recycled.

The Entangled and Ingested project traces the ways film plastics inundate our lives, linking these creatures to our consumption and us to their survival.

The sperm whale, co-created with the public in the winter of 2021-2022 and is 20 by 60 feet long

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This tiger shark is 13 feet nine inches by 4 feet 11 inches.

Fairy Penguin, 17 inches wide

Winter Flounder, 22.5 inches wide
Greater Shearwater, 37.5 inches wide

Atlantic Cod, 40.5 inches wide
Green Sea Turtle, 60 inches wide

Leach’s Storm Petrel, 13 inches wide
Laughing Gull, 26.5 inches wide
Atlantic Puffin, 13 inches wide

Dusky Shark, 15 feet wide
White-faced Storm Petrel, 22.5 inches wide
Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtle, 33.5 inches wide

Stellar Sea Lion, 67.5 inches wide

Sooty Tern, 29 inches wide

Blacktip Shark, 6 feet wide
Atlantic Herring, 29 inches wide
Short-tailed Shearwater, 28 inches wide
Tufted Puffin, 20 inches wide
Common Tern, 28.5 inches wide
Northen Fulmar, 20 x 17 inches
Guillemot, 26.5 inches wide
Black-legged Kittiwake, 17.5 inches wide
Loggerhead turtle, 45 x 47 inches
Minke Whale, 18 feet wide
Sooty shearwater, 23 x 20 inches
Harbor Porpoise, 56 x 69 inches
Laysan Albatross, 71 x 74 inches