I believe we learn differently when we engage all of our senses, and that fostering tactile connections in the learning process helps students retain information and understand complex material. This has led to research on how we learn from images.

I teach classes in American Government, Public Policy (including American, Environmental, and European), Research Methods, Climate Change, Food and Sustainability, Marine Debris, and Environmental Studies. 

My students routinely engage in community-based service-learning and often collaborate with me on research projects.

I am the current President of the Association for Environmental Studies and Sciences, an incredible professional organization that seeks to “serve the needs of environmental scholars and scientists who value interdisciplinary approaches to research, teaching, and problem-solving.”

I am the director of the University of Hartford’s University Interdisciplinary Studies program which administers an interdisciplinary general education program for all undergraduates at the university. 

I’m also the director of the Governor M. Jodi Rell Center for Public Service at the University of Hartford which emphasizes

  • Ethics in government
  • The importance of civil discourse in politics, and 
  • Citizen involvement in public service and government



I often use the arts to teach scientific, civic, and policy concepts.

I ask students to integrate research with printmaking– here students were asked to create prints of endangered species.

Learn more about how to create a woodblock print by watching a short demonstration video here at the Research Gate page devoted to a workshop on this topic from the Association of Environmental Science and Studies annual meeting in Washington, DC, summer 2016.

As a part of the PAYCE grant, these students were asked to create comics of the colonists’ grievances from the Declaration of Independence.

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