River Engage

River Engage is a collaboration among three National Geographic Explorers: Hannington Ochieng (Uganda), Puspita Kamil (Indonesia) and Katharine Owens (United States)

This 2-day workshop experience provides participants with the opportunity to:

  • Learn about the pollution problems from debris and litter facing a local river
  • Build skills in the process of collecting debris, making it more scientific and contributing to global databases
  • Gain expertise in using the Marine Debris Tracker App
  • Polish skills in communicating the results of a cleanup with local policy makers and governmental leaders

River Engage workshops will be taking place in Uganda, Indonesia, and the United States in the spring of 2022.

Katharine Owens, team leader, US

Dr. Katharine Owens is a Professor in the Department of Politics, Economics, and International Studies at the University of Hartford. She researches plastic pollution in marine and freshwater environments, seeking to make connections between science and policy. She is also a practicing artist.

Samyuktha ‘Sammy’ Rao Kandregula, Research Assistant

Myalia Durno, Research Assistant

Sahara Williams, Research Assistant