E&I in your classroom

Check out these classroom resources from the National Geographic Society, including:

Plastic Pollution Resources including a range of articles on the topic, for 4th grade audiences through college-aged.

Plastic: From Pollutions to Solutions (4 lesson plans for grades 6-8)

Plastics, Plastics Everywhere

Plastics in the Plankton, Plastics on your Plate

Pollution Solutions

Knowledge + Action = Power

Order Entangled and Ingested kits…

For your classroom, club, scout troop, art night, camp, or stitch and b*tch session. See the full post here.

Invite me to lecture

Click the black envelope icon at the bottom of this page to ask me about visiting your classroom. I love to zoom with students and talk about my research in plastic pollution as well as the Entangled project.

Participate in sewing a whale

Would you like to contribute to sewing a whale with the Entangled and Ingested project? Contact me by clicking on the black envelope icon at the bottom of this page to discuss sending a bundle of materials to your classroom. See videos on how to sew a whale panel at the bottom of this page!

Make art in the spirit of Entangled and Ingested with your students

Want to try the Entangled and Ingested project in your classroom but you’re not keen on actually sewing? Download one of these templates, then use scissors, film plastics, and glue to make them yourself!

Still not sure how to do it? Check out the video below to watch me creating one.

Whale panel instructional videos

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