UHart Student Campaign 2022!

Bring Your Own Cup!

Did you know that you can bring your own CLEAN cups to some campus outlets to be filled? Konover, GSU, the Cafe and Starbucks all allow you to fill a clean cup you’ve brought.

Make sure it’s [SIZE} and for health and safety reasons it must be fresh and clean. [Cups for hot drinks must include a lid.]

At Starbucks, when you bring your own, you can save 10 cents on your order.

WHY bring your own?

It’s better for the planet, reduces waste, and may even save you a little money!

Fast Facts about Waste

95% of plastic packaging manufactured globally is not recycled (World Economic Forum, 2016)

90.5% of all plastic ever made has never been recycled (Geyer, Jambeck, and Law, 2017).

108 billion disposable coffee cups are used each year in the United States (cleanwater.org).

“Fifteen million metric tons of plastic wash into the ocean every year.” This is the equivalent of two garbage trucks of plastic being dumped into the ocean every minute of every day (Oceana).

And it’s not just coffee cups. According to earthday.org the average bottled water drinker would save 156 water bottles annually by using reusable containers.

Students in the Spring 2022 Politics class POL390: Marine Debris Policy and Action created this campaign to share information about plastic pollution.