I enjoy mysteries and have been trying to write one of my own since 2009, with limited success. :0)

In that time I have completed three novels. I signed with an agent for the first time in 2011, but we only worked together for about six months. She soon left the business. I signed with another agent in 2013 and worked with her for several years, even getting to a place where we sent a manuscript out to a handful of editors. I adored working with her, but she also decided to leave the business. Not a good track record, huh? I mean, if I was an agent, I’d stay far away.

But I still love mysteries and want to one day understand how to construct one effectively.

I now post my work on Wattpad, because I’m hoping to keep honing my craft and to get feedback from readers. I think understanding where a reader loses interest or when something feels inauthentic will help me in this lifelong quest.

Check it out if you have an interest!