Haddam Neck Fair

In New England (and lots of places, I’m sure) we have these seasonal fairs that come around. Our favorite has always been the Haddam Neck Fair. It’s small enough that you don’t feel overwhelmed but big enough to have fun rides, cool shows (like tractor pulls and dog trials), and lots of amazing food.

I was SO EXCITED to be asked by the fair management to bring my hand-sewn portraits of animals harmed by marine debris to the show this year. We were able to go last night and hang them up.

It’s so gratifying to finally see them up (this is only 15 of the 46 in the series that I’m working on). But to see the 15 foot long dusky shark hung for the first time is a real treat for me.

It makes me feel like all that hard work was worth it.

I’m hoping to use these to highlight how many film plastics we encounter on a daily basis– these are the plastics that are difficult or impossible to recycle where I live. And yet sometimes it feels everything is wrapped in them…

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I'm a mom, environmentalist, professor, artist, and writer.

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