Weekend of April 29th: Progress and a setback

I’m happy to report that we finished the 60 foot long sperm whale this past weekend– here you can see a photo with three teenagers standing on it(!)

I hope to get an aerial photo with Dan’s drone soon, but we’ve had a setback as I tested positive for Covid on Tuesday of this week. My symptoms have been moderate– just a lot of brain fogginess, congestion, aches, and tiredness. I’ve been resting and ingesting a ton of fluids.

But sadly this means no open hours on the whale this weekend, as I will not be able to hold them again until I’ve had a negative test.

The 53 foot long bowhead whale is already installed on Main Street in Middletown, and will be there throughout the month of May.

Here’s a photo of it on the Uhart campus two weeks ago, with some amazing Uhart students helping me start it!

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