Upcoming CT Science Center events

I’m super excited to be visiting the Connecticut Science Center to be a part of a couple of upcoming programs and to share the Entangled and Ingested project!

First, I will join their STEM career showcase this Friday March 31st from 9AM -12PM.

According to their website, “The STEM Career Showcase is a conference-style event for middle and high school students—students will engage with STEM professionals through remote, virtual conversations or in-person, hands-on activities at the Science Center. Presenters inspire students to pursue STEM jobs and illuminate exciting STEM opportunities. To fully demonstrate the wealth and accessibility of employment possibilities in our students’ home state, we feature a diverse array of presenters from a wide range of fields.”

I’m bringing some art and hoping to get some students to collaborate with me on sewing! They are expecting about 500 students, so we will have to see how it all plays out.

Then, on Saturday I’ll be a part of the Youth in STEM: a leadership and change maker summit panel at 9:30AM, where I will get to share a little about my work (and hopefully meet their sloth after!)

If you know a youth who loves STEM, have them say hi to me at these events!

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